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Batch Print is a printing program that responds to the extended requirements of the industrial and home using. The main purpose of Batch Print is complete automation of printing process of user's drawings. This program is able to print a wide range of file formats representing vector and raster graphics. It provides wide capabilities for filtering drawings and printing settings customization for further 'one click' printing. Also Batch Print allows users to print drawings from one model on different printers.

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The overall view of Batch Print is shown on the Figure 1.

Figure 1: Batch Print overall view. 

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Figure 1: Batch Print overall view

At the beginning of printing user generates a list of files he wants to process.

Figure 2: File list panel

Printing settings are created automatically. Batch Preview makes it possible to view the final condition of pages that are going to be printed and to change printing settings for every drawing.

Figure 3: Batch Preview. Click to 


Figure 3: Batch Preview

As a main set of features Batch Print offers different tools for customizing the print process. Among them we should mention Input filters and Output printing settings.

Input filters allow users to classify all the drawings from generated file list to groups. The file list passes through filters and the files are grouped by extension (file mask), format or their combination which can be predefined and saved.

Figure 4: file mask

Figure 4: format filter

Figure 4: File mask and format filter

Figure 5: Input filters

Figure 5: Input filters

Output printing settings allow users to customize printing settings and the final appearance of the drawings to be printed. These settings can be predefined and saved as well.

Figure 6: Output printing settings

Figure 6: Output printing settings

Figure 6: Output printing settings

To download Batch Print please follow this link:



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