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by ersbg
20 Dec 2012, 12:54
Forum: CAD VCL
Topic: Block area calculation
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Block area calculation

Hello guys.
In my app i want to use CadImporterVCL to calculate area of a block. But can't find such function. Is such function exists in CadImporterVcl or
if not can i use a AutoLisp from autocad in CadImporterVcl. This AutoLisp calculate the area of given block.

by ersbg
20 Nov 2012, 11:12
Forum: Plugins for 3rd-party software
Topic: CADImage show point problem
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CADImage show point problem

Hi all. I download a package of a new version of a Cadimage.dll with demo in the package. But in this demo Show Point from menu don't work. The code from demo to locate a point is: procedure TfmMain.mmiShowPointClick(Sender: TObject); var vScale: Double; vRect: TRect; vCADRect: TFRect; vRes: Integer...