Export layers to DXF

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Export layers to DXF

Post by chantal » 09 Jun 2017, 16:13


we are migrating an old application with an old version of CADVCL to CADVCL v11.
we used to export the DXF from an EMF format via the following lines :

vDXF := TsgDXFExport.Create;

for i := 1 to Emfs.count do
layer := TsgExpDXFLayer.Create (EMFs [i-1].name);
vDXF.CurrentLayer := layer ;
vDXF.LoadFromFile (EMFs [i-1].file);



But we haven't found the TsgExpDXFLayer in the v11 version.
What do we have to do ? can you help us ?
Thank you.

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Re: Export layers to DXF

Post by support » 13 Jun 2017, 21:45


To convert a metafile to the DXF format in CAD VCL 11, you need to use TsgDXFExportDirect class methods. The TsgDXFExportDirect class is declared in DXFExportDirect unit.

As for creating the DXF layers during conversion, unfortunately, it is not possible.

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