Entity Creater Issue

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Entity Creater Issue

Post by fmonteiro » 16 Apr 2014, 16:38

Adding a line into the CadImageFlg (with the mouse) I have to make two clicks.
The cadPictBox_MouseDown event records the two points for the line creation. As you can see in the image I put a variable to detect the second mouse_down so I could check when the Entity is added to the CurrentLayout.Entities.

Even if I comment all the CadSoftTools code inside cadPictBox_MouseDown the Line is added the same way.
My problem is that I do not understand where the software adds the Line entity inside the CurrentLayout.Entities. When this happens I need to get all the properties so I can calculate, for example, the length of the line.

What I realized was that after the break point gets out of the cadPictBox_MouseDown the Line is added. I cannot find any Handler that makes this....


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