2 questions: move and CadViewx.width

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2 questions: move and CadViewx.width

Post by Andy_1a » 16 Dec 2010, 18:26

i have the following questions for my small VB6 project:

1) how can i move the inner rectangle (.SVG) to x,y ?
(just like the drawing with the right mouse button)

2) how can i calculate the height and width for CadViewx, to get the form filled ?




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Re: 2 questions: move and CadViewx.width

Post by support » 17 Dec 2010, 15:55

Hello Andy.

CADViewX Pro include Editor tool that allows visual select and move parts of drawing. Also you can move objects programmatically, accessing CADImage's entities structure: CADViewX.CADImage.Converter.Sections(csEntities). CADViewX Lite allows moving programmatically only: CADViewX.DXFImage.Converter.Sections(csEntities)

Height and width for CADViewX can be set in CADViewX properties in VB project window and accessed as CADViewX.Width and CADViewX.Height. In our VB demo project filling the form by CADViewX control realized via set these properties in Form_Resize method.

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