[C#] StRg under win2000 and printing

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[C#] StRg under win2000 and printing

Post by MOUS » 03 Dec 2007, 16:18


I have two questions:

question one.

After a period of developing under C# with de CADImage demo dll, we purchased the full version. Under windows XP we were able to use the StRg function to unlock the dll. However, testing it under windows 2000 wasn't so succesfull and the programm freezes on this function (al the other dll functions worked properly). Is this a known isue and do you know a solution for this problem?

question two.

We are developing an aplication not only for viewing .dwg files, but also for batchprinting. Befor we print, we make a (bitmap) image of the page which we want to print. However, this is quite a recource-consumung process and on slower computers takes a lot of time. Is there a better way of printing using C# and the CADImage DLL?

With kind regards,

Erik Hoek

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Post by support » 05 Dec 2007, 17:10

Dear Erik Hoek,

1. We have tested <b>StRg</b> under Windows 2000 as Administrator and as User. It works well. Please send us your registration info to support@cadsofttools.com for testing.

2. CADImage.DLL is a Win32 library. That is way we recommend to use standard WinAPI means to print loaded images. For example using functions <b>DrawCAD</b> or <b>DrawCADEx</b> for drawing image on the printer's DC.


Please post questions to the forum or write to support@cadsofttools.com

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