How buying Importer DLL

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How buying Importer DLL

Post by mplessis » 02 Jul 2009, 12:08


could you explain me how to buy the Importer DLL SDK, with free royalties please ? Importer .NET can buy online, but not the Importer DLL SDK...

Best regards
Marc Plessis

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Re: How buying Importer DLL

Post by yaroslav » 02 Jul 2009, 13:38

Dear Marc,
There are 2 main licensing options for CADSoftTools' components:

1. End-user licensing. This option requires a license for each user of your application. If you obtain 1 end-user license you are the only person who can use your program with our component. You can find these prices for this option at the
2. Developer licensing. This option does not require any additional fees or end-user licenses. You can distribute limited or unlimited (royalty free option) number of copies of your application. Developer licensing is more cost effective in the most commercial projects.

To get more information about licensing please contact our sales dept at

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