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cs license manager

Post by harkeninc » 05 Jul 2006, 17:31

Please tell me where to download the floating license manager. I found reference to cs license manager in the knowledge base but not how to download it. thanks, John

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Post by harkeninc » 05 Jul 2006, 17:34

I found and downloaded a file named cs_manager, but after setup this doesn't look to be the floating license manager.

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Post by support » 06 Jul 2006, 12:52

Please contact us at info@cadsofttools.com on this question.

<b>Floating Licenses</b>:
Floating Licenses are intended for usage in TCP/IP net. It consists of program <b>CS Floating License Server</b> and of copies of some <b>CadSoftTools</b> products installed on computers in the TCP/IP net.

A multi-user floating license uses a server to issue licenses to remote applications. The <b>CS Floating License Server</b> can be run under <b>Windows NT</b> platform (NT 4, 2000, XP, 2003) Server or Workstation.

License allows you to use <b>CadSoftTools</b> product on several computers. Every time a client uses a floating license he/she connects to the <b>CS Floating License Server</b> he/she gets ("leases") a license from that server and the number of available licenses on this server is decreased. When client finishes its work, the license is returned to the <b>Floating License Server</b> and it is available for other machines.

<b>Note</b>: using <b>Floating Licenses</b> allows to save your money. For instance: if you have several computers which will not use <b>CadSoftTools</b> product at once you don’t need to purchase licenses for all your computers. It is just enough to purchase <b>Floating License</b> for the estimated most number of simultaneously run copies of <b>CadSoftTools</b> product. Then program <b>CS Floating License Server</b> must be installed on a computer under <b>Windows NT</b> platform (NT 4, 2000, XP, 2003) Server or Workstation for storing and managing registration data. Then <b>CadSoftTools</b> product can be run everywhere where it can get access to TCP/IP net. And it is not necessary to reenter registration data every time when reloading.

Small free application allows managing CADImage.DLL and CS_***.DLLs (http://www.cadsofttools.com/en/products ... grams.html):
<ul><li>Input registration data</li>
<li>Change size of CAD image (DIB)</li>
<li>Change between color and black-white mode</li>
<li>Set border around the image</li>
<li>Use SHX fonts</li>

please post questions to the forum or write to support@cadsofttools.com

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