Java - DXF Export - How to create layer

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Java - DXF Export - How to create layer

Post by cmargulhano » 19 May 2007, 00:32

How to create layers and associate it with components like lines, polylines, text etc? I'm trying this code:

DXFLayer dxfLayerArea = new DXFLayer("polyline");
DXFData dxfDataArea = new DXFData();
dxfDataArea.Points.add(new DXFPoint(x1, y1, 0.0F));
dxfDataArea.Points.add(new DXFPoint(x2, y2, 0.0F));


I want to create others layers and separate the components, for example, line, polyline and texts in diferent layers.
Is it possible? Thank a lot.


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Post by support » 29 May 2007, 18:17

Dear Claudio,

We have sent you an e-mail on March, 22th. But there is no answer till now.

Can you please answer the following questions:
<ul><li>How do you use our library?</li>
<li>How old is DXF Export Java that you use (date of ZIP file)?</li>
<li>How do you use *.class files in your project? Can you give us an example?</li>
<li>Can you please send us your ready to compile project with our library for we could examine it?</li></ul>
Thank you,

Please post questions to the forum or write to

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