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ABViewer Snap Function

Post by robertsmetal » 30 Nov 2013, 03:47

Do you have a snap function similar to AutoCAD's apparent intersect? I am currently using AutoCAD v14 and upgrading to Windows 7 but AC14 will not run in Win7. I do not want to upgrade to another full version of AutoCad. Your program may work well for what I need. My needs require rotation and or mirroring the DXF file and moving the result to an apparent intersection. I can sketch the intersection but this adds to the task.
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Re: ABViewer Snap Function

Post by support » 01 Dec 2013, 03:12


ABViewer has the Intersection Snap that snaps to the physical intersection of any two drawing objects. This snap function is more similar to the Intersection Osnap in AutoCAD, because it doesn't snap to the objects which are not physically intersect (for example, due to the difference in the Z-coordinate values).

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