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Post by E&I_Tech » 11 Mar 2015, 01:30

In AutoCAD the RevCloud command will allow a revision cloud or bubble to be drawn on a layer of the drawing. I don't see this command in ABViewer which I just loaded last week (so still learning my way around), is there an equivalent function or line type command that can be used in ABViewer to draw a revision cloud?

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Re: Revcloud

Post by support » 11 Mar 2015, 19:40


There is no an equivalent function to the AutoCAD RevCloud command in ABViewer.

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Re: Revcloud

Post by saichon64 » Yesterday, 20:40

When I studied, I often saw this command.
At first I couldn't do it.
But got a teacher to teach it well
Now, I want to have more knowledge about creativity.
Don't know enough to have someone teach?
Want advice
Thank you in advance


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