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Menu in Layer-dialogue

Posted: 14 Jul 2014, 12:08
by Peter
The layer-dialogue displays a menu to "switch on / off; freeze on / off; ????"

This menu is a little bit tricky, because

- the commands seems to have affect on all layers: Bug or feature?
- they have no tooltips - it is not easy to understand
- there is a "check mark": what is it good for? It is always grey.


Re: Menu in Layer-dialogue

Posted: 16 Jul 2014, 12:14
by support
Hello Peter,

These commands should affect all layers, menu commands replicate commands in the right-click popup menu. The icons for these commands are the same as those in the layers list, it makes them self-explanatory. The "Checkmark" button should set a selected layer as current, but this option has no sense for viewer, only for editor.