What dll's do I need?

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What dll's do I need?

Post by glgsales » 12 Jan 2011, 19:47

I am currently using irfanview 4.27 and have downloaded the "Free" cad plugin for temporary use and i want to print the directory of dxf files i have with out the cadsofttools logo across it.

I want to be able to print all the pictures with their location in head and footers as in the demo for use in a catalog to choose for cnc work.

Most of which is dxf , some maybe dwg ,what is the cost of the plug in for each if different ?

thanks for your help

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Re: What dll's do I need?

Post by support » 13 Jan 2011, 11:55

Hello Gary.
Using plugins with IrfanView allows viewing and printing DXF, DWG or other vector drawings. Please note, the picture in IrfanView window is raster. You can set resolution of such image using CS_Manager software - this only is the free software. The application allows register the plugin also. The trial messages will disappear after registration. Yo can purchase either CS_DXF and CS_DWG plugins or CADImage plugin that support both dxf and dwg formats as well as some other. Please compare the prices at the page: http://cadsofttools.com/en/products/plu ... grams.html
IrfanView doesn`t visualize location of file in head and footer, you can set this information manually. Please select required region and insert text.

Technical Support E-mail: support@cadsofttools.com
Chat support on Skype: cadsofttools.support

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