CADViewX Library. Buy

License prices start at $590. They depend on the version of the library, the number of developers who will work with our component and the number of expected end users. Server licenses are also possible.

Please, send us a request at or use the form below and we will offer you the most fitting license option and send you our price list.

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Number of developers (optional)
Number of end users

Developer licenses are classic for developers in the SDK licensing world and allow to save money if you have many end-users.
Server Licenses. This license is convenient for Internet or Intranet projects.
Custom licenses We always try to meet the needs of our clients and understand that there are many cases when the client needs a custom license which is not described above. In this case we can arrange and offer a special type of license. The software can be specially licensed both to the company-owner which will use the software and to the company-contractor which develops the final software as business-to-business project.